Amazon Prime Day - Office Purchase

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You can say this is the week we all wait for right.. Would this be considered our adult Christmas? Lol

Our prime day “office order” was some needed items and some splurging items. 

  • We currently have an outdated USB style thermal printer and wanted to upgrade to a wireless version for when we are not in the office & are processing orders on the laptop or iPad - we can easily process it and print on command wherever we are.
  • The next purchase was a full on splurge moment - not that we needed this as we can connect our wireless typewriter keyboard to our iPad but how cool would it be to make all the nose from a typewriter! This is something I have been wanting for sometime now lol
  • We got replacement parts for our Apple Pencil 
  • Safety first ALWAYS - I got a pink face covering for when I am sanding down all our orders.
  • Another rolling storage unit - I honestly feel like one can never have enough of these. They are so convenient - not only for the office and shop but even for our house. We had one set up when Hannah was home during lockdown with all her art materials!
  • Another mini Splurge was our Desk mini vacuum lol. This was definitely not needed, but like how cute and tiny is that?
  • We go through so many’s scraps a day of wood and paper - so we can never have enough garbage bags on hand - these were such a great deal that we could not
    Showcasing our amazon prime day purchase for our office


Loved sharing our office purchase with you guys! Now tell me.. What did you all snag during this years sales?



Amanda M.

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