Amazon Prime Day - Hanny Order

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Does anyone else feel like they just can’t get something for themselves and not their kids? Lol Hannah is going to be so excited when her Prime Day goodies start coming through.

  • I have been researching the OMIE lunchbox for months already - and I was hoping it would be on sale during prime.. I instantly added to cart when I saw that she was. This Pink lunchbox is the the best combo I have seen on the market. It is half bento style and half thermos. We are so excited to start using this babe for the new school year!
  • Butterfly Garden - Hannah has been obsessed with butterflies since she turned two - her school has so many in the playground that she would pretend to be them for such a long time, and was actually a butterfly for Halloween lol. She is going to be so excited when she sees this one come in!
  • Magna-Tiles - Hannah is OBSESSED with these. She already has the starter set and an add on pastel glitter collection. She is currently building castles and building so we figured lets keep on adding to the collection!


And just like that - prime day sales are complete! I am so excited to see Hanny open her Prime goodies these next few days.



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